Lehle 1at3 SGoS
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The Lehle 1at3 SGoS is a programmable True Bypass switcher that lets you switch backwards and forwards between up to three amplifiers, when you want, as often as you want.
In combination with jack socket C→B, output C can also be used alternatively as an effect loop for amp B, excluding all the effects you don't currently need from the signal path. A tuner can also be connected to output A, taking it, too, out of the signal chain. The gold-plated-contact relays feature active pop-and-click suppression, and switch not only the signal, but also the signal ground, making hum loops impossible when switching back and forth between outputs A, B and C.
Like all members of the SGoS family, the Lehle 1at3 SGoS can also be programmed unbelievably easily and intuitively. The slender, TRS format remote socket assists with programming, and can be used, via a stereo patch cable, to communicate with other SGoS switchers, or for direct contact with MIDI controllers. The Lehle 1at3 SGoS can be programmed as a stand-alone unit, or remote controlled using MIDI program change commands.
Fuzz - 10/2010
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Author: Mats Nermark

My sound was suddenly warmer, clearer and a lot more dynamic, wow ! As if somebody pulled the blanket off my speaker cabinet. If the D.Loop SGoS was only a looper then Ikea is only a small furniture shop with a couple of chairs.

Gitarre & Bass - 08/2008
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Author: Ebo Wagner

Lehle 3at1, 1at3 & Dual SGoS
Next generation of High-Tech-Signal-Routing : once again Lehle stands out from competitors with the new revised product series.
Something similar in regards of signal integrity, versatile and easy to handle in one, can´t be found anywhere else on the market. Since the Lehle switchers are mechanically super-solid and well made there can only be one conclusion : the price-performance-ratio is very healthy.