Lehle Parallel SW II
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• True-Bypass parallel effects looper and stereo mixer
• Discrete Class A input stages
• 122 dB dynamic range thanks to 30 V technology
• Latching, Momentary or Mixed Mode operation
• Mono and Stereo functionality
• Active pop suppression circuit

The LEHLE PARALLEL SW II is a compact and versatile line mixer designed to meet the highest tonal standards. The LEHLE PARALLEL SW II mixes the signals from your effects units into your original signal, either before an amp or inserted into its effects loop. You can adjust send and return levels separately, and finely balance the effects signal to the original signal using the mix controller. All connections are realised in stereo, so your stereo effects pedals can be placed into the signal path of the LEHLE PARALLEL SW II.
Thanks to the discrete Class A input stages with JFET technology, the LEHLE PARALLEL SW II's inputs can handle high-impedance signals - from electric guitars, basses or acoustic instruments - as well as low-impedance signals - from keyboards, active electric guitars and basses - with a broad output range extending from 20 to 100,000 Hz.
With the new LEHLE PARALLEL SW II it is now possible to combine mono and stereo signals. You can easily integrate effects pedals with mono input and stereo output into the signal path of the LEHLE PARALLEL SW II without limitations.
The great dynamic range of the LEHLE PARALLEL SW II makes it possible to blend rack-mount studio effects units with low-impedance line level into the guitar signal path, or insert effects pedals with their level-adjusted into an amp's effects loop.
To exploit the dynamics of tube amplifiers to the full, the input voltage is rectified from the power supply socket, then filtered, stabilized and transformed to 30 V.
The LEHLE-Switch works with a microcontroller and an intelligent True-Bypass-Relay-Circuit with active pop suppression circuit, thereby allowing the LEHLE PARALLEL SW II to switch even faster than mechanical switches, noise-free and without wear.
The easy-action mushroom-shaped button characteristic of LEHLE products is mounted in the cover, so that your foot pressure is transmitted indirectly, via a spring. Thus the electronics board is not exposed to mechanical loads, making the LEHLE PARALLEL SW II virtually indestructible and guaranteeing years of trouble-free switching.
The LEHLE PARALLEL SW II has three operating modes, making the switch work as either a latching or momentary switch, allowing for short or rhythmic stutter-effects. The third mode combines a mixture of operating mode one and two: a short hit is latching, a long hit is momentary.
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Q: Can I use the (serial) amp's fx-loop to mix effects to my guitar signal?
I dont want my signal to go 100% thru stompboxes or digital processors.
A: With the Lehle Parallel SW II only a part of the guitar signal can be blended with effects, the pure signal will not be routed completely thru the fx unit.

Q: How can I mix the two pickups of my instrument? My bass has two seperate outputs for piezo and magnetic pickup.
A: The Lehle Parallel Sw II can blend 2 pickup signals without any signal loss. One signal goes to the units input, the other pickup is plugged into the Parallel´s Return. Now the level and mix controls can be used to adjust your favourite sound.

Q: Does the buffer inside the Lehle Parallel SW II have the same function as the Lehle Sunday Driver?
A: Almost, the Lehle Sunday Driver was developed on the basis of the D.Loop´s buffer and has the option to increase the input impedance from 1MOhm to 4 Mohm. The Lehle Parallel´s buffer does not have this feature, but has a wider range, it works from -15dB up to +15dB.