Little Lehle III
Order code 1028
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01-Gold-RS.jpg Gold-plated Relays & Switches
The signal from the pickups of an electric guitar or bass is so weak that poor-quality cables, cold joints and cheap contact materials ruin your sound. Switch contacts need to be made of special materials to permit loss-free switching of these low-level signals. All Lehle switchers feature special relays and slide switches with gold-plated contacts for totally reliable, absolutely zero-loss switching.
04-No-Hum.jpg No Hum Loops
All Lehle products not featuring an LTHZ transformer and bearing this symbol switch the signal ground parallel to the signal itself via switches or relays with gold-plated contacts. Hum loops are thus effectively eliminated when switching backwards and forwards between different signal sources without, for example, simultaneous activation of two amps.
06-Stereo.jpg Stereo
Many effects units feature stereo outputs. Or: instruments frequently have two pickup systems, e.g. a combination of conventional magnetic and Piezo types, to emulate an acoustic sound. Lehle accessories are ideal for trouble-free routing of such dual-channel stereo signals. All stereo-capable Lehle products are, of course, also suitable for mono operation.
07-mono-to-stereo-switch.jpg Mono-to-stereo-switch
Integrate an effects pedal with a mono input and stereo output into the signal path.
25-colourkeyboard.jpg New color palette
All products bearing this symbol feature an individual colour combination of Le Corbusier’s colour keyboards.
This selection underlines the function of the respective product, with a pleasingly non-glossy haptic.
• True Bypass effects looper and AB switch
• Hum-free and noiseless switching
• Three different operating modes: Latching, Momentary or Mixed Mode
• Mono and stereo functionality
• Active pop suppression circuit

The LITTLE LEHLE III - The universal Lehle switching and looping tool.
The LITTLE LEHLE III allows you to remove effects pedals from your signal path at the press of a button.
A signal can be picked off at any point in the signal chain, for example allowing you to switch to an instrument tuner. The LITTLE LEHLE III can also be used to switch between two instruments with one amp or, vice versa, between two amps with one instrument. Extremely diverse sound sources are no problem. Signals from pickups, microphones and keyboard line-out sockets are routed loss-free to a target amplifier or recorder. All jack sockets are stereo, so you can re-route balanced signals too.
With the release of the LITTLE LEHLE III you can now combine mono and stereo signals. This will allow you to integrate an effects pedal with a mono input and stereo output into the signal path of the LITTLE LEHLE III without limitations. The LEHLE-Switch works with a microcontroller and an intelligent true bypass relay circuit with an active pop suppression function, thereby allowing the LITTLE LEHLE III to switch even faster than mechanical switches, noise free and without wear.
The easy-action mushroom-shaped button characteristic of LEHLE products is mounted in the cover so that your foot pressure is transmitted indirectly via a spring. Thus the circuit board is not exposed to mechanical loads, making the LITTLE LEHLE III virtually indestructible and guaranteeing years of trouble-free switching.
Not only is the stereo signal switched, but also the earth, - so say ‘goodbye’ to hum when switching between two amps, and selecting effect loops - it just can't happen anymore.
New for the LITTLE LEHLE III are the three operating modes, making the switch work as either a latching or momentary switch, allowing for short or rhythmic stutter-effects. The third mode combines a mixture of operating mode one and two: a short hit engages the latching function and a long hit is momentary.
Think of the creative potential. We take care of your signal so that you can take care of the music.

Top of enclosure: blanc ivoire
Bottom of enclosure: gris foncé 59
All colours by Le Corbusier's colour keyboards.
Q: Can the Little Lehle III be used for signals other than instrument pickups?
A: No problem, the Little Lehle III can also switch line level signals. Thanks to its stereo sockets this could also be CD or MP3 players. The Little Lehle III is even suitable for weaker signals from piezo pickups.