RMI Acouswitch IQ DI (discontinued)
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01-Gold-RS.jpg Gold-plated Relays & Switches
The signal from the pickups of an electric guitar or bass is so weak that poor-quality cables, cold joints and cheap contact materials ruin your sound. Switch contacts need to be made of special materials to permit loss-free switching of these low-level signals. All Lehle switchers feature special relays and slide switches with gold-plated contacts for totally reliable, absolutely zero-loss switching.
02-3-band-EQ-parametric-mids.jpg 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mids
An EQ is primarily intended to raise particularly desirable frequencies in a sound spectrum as well as filtering out the undesired ones. With semi-parametric filtering of the mid frequencies in a wide range, a very individual and precise adjustment of the sound is possible.
The T-knob controls the treble via a so-called shelving filter. To select the center frequency you use MF and to determine the intensity, the ML-knob. Thus the chosen spectrum can be raised or lowered in a bell-shaped curve. Controller B, also using a bell-filter, raises or lowers the determined bass frequency.
03-18V.jpg Voltage Internally Doubled to 18V
To exploit the dynamics of tube amplifiers to the full, the input voltage of Lehle products bearing this symbol is rectified from the power supply socket, then filtered, stabilized and doubled to 18V.
05-Gain.jpg Adjustable Gain
Adjustment of volume or distortion using a gain controller is a vital feature in many situations. The gain controllers on the corresponding Lehle products feature black anodized aluminium knobs set back into the housing so that they can be easily fingertip rotated but keep their settings during performances and transportation.
05-LTMZ.jpg Lehle LTMZ Transfomer
The Lehle LTMZ transformer allows the galvanic isolation at the DI output. Only real physical galvanic isolation guarantees complete elimination of ground hum and annoying background noises in any live or studio situation. The Lehle LTMZ transformer also offers a high level of safety as it isolates from voltage peaks of up to 2000V - without loosing any tone!
09-XLR.jpg XLR Output
Equipped with a standard male XLR-socket with gold plated contacts for balanced output.
This multifunctional tool for acoustic musicians was conceived by Jacques Ruppert, mastermind of Ruppert Musical Instruments (RMI) and engineered by Lehle. It is a high end preamp in 2 channel design, with A/B switch for 2 instruments, a switchable parallel loop, a tuner-mute function and a DI out which is isolated by a Lehle transformer. As a special feature the Acouswitch, which serves as a central controller for acoustic setups, it has a body-contour-control to suit every musical environment: on the one hand a narrow notchfilter to reduce feedback with a frequency range of 45 Hz - 500 Hz, on the other hand it can boost a broad band of low to low-mid frequencies to make the sound fatter or make small speaker cabinets sound bigger.
  • The Acouswitch IQ DI features:
  • Lehle True Sound Technology
  • Input-A/B-switch with option to mix both signals
  • Studiograde preamp
  • 3-band EQ with semiparametric mids from 100 Hz to 6 kHz
  • Body-Contour-Control can be used as notchfilter or variable low mid boost
  • switchable effectsloop with blend/mix control
  • switchable effectsloop can also be used as volume boost
  • serial effectsloop (non switchable)
  • Studiograde D.I.-box with Pad-, Pre/Post- und groundlift-switch incl Lehle LTMZ transformer for galvanic isolation
  • can be used with any power supply 9 to 20 volt AC oder DC
  • additonal output for tuner
  • muteswitch
  • extremly robust design with protected controls
The Acouswitch IQ DI is manufactured by Lehle in Germany on behalf of RMI.
Q: Can I use a piezo pick-up with the Acouswitch IQ DI?
A: Yes you can, thanks to its high input impedance of 5 MOhm. The Acouswitch IQ DI is also suitable for magnetic and active pick-ups.

Q: What kind of power supply should I use for with my Acouswitch IQ DI?
A: The Acouswitch IQ DI accepts all power supplies providing not less than 9V, not more than 20V and at least 150 mA. Either alternating (AC) or direct current (DC) sources can be used and the polarity is not relevant.

Q: What does the Mix Control of the Acouswitch IQ DI do?
A: Many effect pedals do not let you mix the basic sound of your instrument and the effect sound. At the same time many effect pedals destroy the powerful signal and the result is an unattractive, thin sound. The Mix Control allows you to adjust the effects-ratio added to the original sound, settings from 0% (dry) to 100% (wet) are possible.

FQ: Can the Acouswitch IQ DI drive a power amp?
A: Yes the Acouswitch IQ DI can drive a power amp directly. The preamp can boost the signal up to +15 dB.

Q: What is Lehle True Sound Technology?
A: Lehle True Sound Technology is based on individual measures that follow one common goal: transporting the sound and character of the instrument in the best way possible, without any negative alteration. It achieves an open and dynamic sound without losing any detail. The buffers are designed to easily transmit within the megaherz-range. The Lehle True Sound technology uses either goldplated relais or goldplated switches, even the smallest currents will be transported without any degradation for many years to come.