RMI Acouswitch Junior (discontinued)
Order code 5005
Switcher-for-Acoustic-and-Electric-Instruments-1.png Switcher-for-Acoustic-and-Electric-Instruments-2.png
01-Gold-RS.jpg Gold-plated Relays & Switches
The signal from the pickups of an electric guitar or bass is so weak that poor-quality cables, cold joints and cheap contact materials ruin your sound. Switch contacts need to be made of special materials to permit loss-free switching of these low-level signals. All Lehle switchers feature special relays and slide switches with gold-plated contacts for totally reliable, absolutely zero-loss switching.
02-Silent-Switch.jpg Switching precise, swift and quiet
Swift and precise switching as between different instruments, effects loops or amps is essential in many live setups.
To ensure this almost silently and wear-free, we have designed a finely tuned control system with a self developed spring located between the foot switch, our famous mushroom head, and the actual sensing device on the circuit board.
A processor based on the ARM Cortex-M technology controls the switching operation very fast and precisely. While a conventional switch can handle a maximum of 20,000 switching operations, the interplay of the components used here enables a service life of 2 million switching operations. A hundred times more!
03-4-band-EQ.jpg 4-band EQ
An EQ is primarily intended to raise particularly desirable frequencies in a sound spectrum as well as filtering out the undesired ones. With the 4-band EQ this can be accomplished very intuitively.
Dividing the mids into high (HM) and low mids (LM) expands the possibilities of finding the individual favourite sound, since the mid range particularly affects the timbre of the instrument.
With pot T you control the highs and with pot B the basses. The treble control is a shelving filter, while the high and low mids and the bass frequencies are boosted or cut via bell filters.
04-Gain.jpg Adjustable Gain
Adjustment of volume or distortion using a gain controller is a vital feature in many situations. The gain controllers on the corresponding Lehle products feature black anodized aluminium knobs set back into the housing so that they can be easily fingertip rotated but keep their settings during performances and transportation.
05-18V.jpg Voltage Internally Doubled to 18V
To exploit the dynamics of tube amplifiers to the full, the input voltage of Lehle products bearing this symbol is rectified from the power supply socket, then filtered, stabilized and doubled to 18V.
06-XLR.jpg XLR Output
Equipped with a standard male XLR-socket with gold plated contacts for balanced output.
The Acouswitch Junior is a compact multi-functional tool for musicians who perform on stage with electric instruments as well as with acoustic ones and wish to use the same effects for both with one pedal board. With two separately controllable high impedance inputs it becomes the control center within the electric and acoustic setup.
The control over which signal is sent to the PA or the amp remains with the musician, without re-plugging cables. It does not matter whether you're using it for acoustic music only or for a combination of both electric and acoustic instruments, the Acouswitch Junior is designed for both alternatives.
The Junior features an active DI Out (XLR) and a line-out jack as selectable outputs.
To allow universal usage, the A/B switch can be configured individually, depending on the setup:
For example, in one configuration line- and XLR output can be mutually muted, depending on the input being used. Toggling between the inputs is just as possible as mixing them together. For a purely acoustic setup the outputs can be always activated, too.
In addition to the 4-band EQ for channel A, the Acouswitch Junior has a serial effects loop, a tuner-out output with mute function and a built-in clean boost effect. Effects loop, mute function and boost can be managed via the mute / loop boost footswitch in various combinations.
The proven Lehle True Sound Technology with familiar features like the discrete JFET-input stage, or switching via gold-plated relays make sure that the Acouswitch Junior provides an excellent sound.
Internally the Junior also works with 18V, but nevertheless is content with all power supplies from 9 to 15V AC or DC. The extremely robust design with protected controllers and the almost indestructible switching mechanism provide many years of fun while playing with acoustic and electric setups.
Q: What is Lehle True Sound Technology?
A: Lehle True Sound Technology is based on individual measures that follow one common goal: transporting the sound and character of the instrument in the best way possible, without any negative alteration. It achieves an open and dynamic sound without losing any detail. The buffers are designed to easily transmit within the megaherz-range. The Lehle True Sound technology uses either goldplated relais or goldplated switches, even the smallest currents will be transported without any degradation for many years to come.