RMI Sonic Spark (discontinued)
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The Basswitch Sonic Spark integrates a harmonic overtone generator into a complex EQ section that will make your bass sound shine over stages, studios and rehearsal rooms. This sonic flavour enhancer is equipped with Lehle True Sound Technology, which means it switches via goldplated relays, has a discrete JFET input stage and works internally with 18 V. The Basswitch Sonic Spark has a gain control of +/-15 dB.
This will also enable our three Basswitch babies to work as a compact standalone preamp in front of an active monitor or bass cab, while the housing is designed to perfectly match the Basswitch IQ DI.
Bass Player - 10/2014
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Author: Ed Friedland

Soundroom: Ruppert Musical Instruments Basswitch Classic Boost, Clean Boost, and Sonic Spark Pedals
Pros: Classic tube fatness in a can
A flexible way to add thickness and drive to your sound.
The Sonic Spark is great for general tone fattening, and scary good at summoning up the grunt of a hot, cranky lead-sled.
The Sonic Spark shares the same housing as the Boost twins, but is a completely different creature. While equally effective as a preamp, the Spark combines EQ with a harmonic overtone generator to create the fatness of tube response, in varying stages of drive.

Bass Quarterly - 09/2014
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Author: Lutz J. Mays

Bass witches
RMI Basswitch Preamps – Sonic Park, Classic Boost, Clean Boost

With the Sonic Spark you are able to create bass sounds which formerly could be produced only using a high quality tube amp. While the boosters are classic preamp-models, the Sonic Spark is a sophisticated animal with an addictive quality to it.
The quality of manufacturing is excellent.

Guitar - 09/2014
Author: Jürgen Richter

Clean and dirty
Finally! Lehle pedals for bass players!
All in all, the pedals deliver an enormously fresh and dynamic signal, which is especially useful for passive basses and long cable distances.
The Sonic Spark is more specific and needs thorough practice until it shows its full potential. But then, it can greatly enhance the sound.

Audiofanzine - 09/2014
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Author: David LO PAT

Test du préampli/Enhancer RMI Basswitch Sonic Spark
La troisième est offerte?

Points forts
- La gestion des réglages sur 4 potards
- Le Bypass avec buffer
- La solidité
- La qualité sonore
- La conception du footswitch silencieux

Bonedo - 08/2014
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Author: Oliver Poschmann

Triplets aboard
RMI Basswitch Classic Boost , Clean Boost and Sonic Spark.

The best things come in threes! This applies for the RMI Basswitch Boost Pedals, too.
Pro: Outstanding quality of sound, very good manufacturing.

Gitarre&Bass - 08/2014
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Author: Dirk Groll

RMI Basswitch Classic Boost, Clean Boost & Sonic Spark
The Soundimprovers

The classily designed and competently built Basswitch pedals reliably provide a high sound quality by picking up every little detail from your instrument and convert it into a solid output signal, which you can also route directly into a mixer or an A/D converter.
The high quality of the well balanced Basswitch pedals is also apparent in their exemplary noiselessness.
The Sonic Spark says goodbye to well-known concepts of EQing with separate frequency ranges and instead focuses on complex sound control. Apart from the EQ, the enhance control works bringing out higher overtones by softly overdriving the signal.